Arrhythmia Alliance launches SVT Awareness Day


Arrhythmia Alliance has announced the launch of the first SVT Awareness Day (7 June), taking place during World Heart Rhythm Week (5‒11 June) to raise awareness of what it describes as a “little-known heart rhythm disorder that affects millions”. 

Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) is a rapid increase in the heart rhythm that leaves people breathless and anxious, it can cause the heart to beat much faster than normal, up to as high as 250 beats per minute (a normal heart rate is 60‒100 beats per minute).

Episodes can be short-lived for just a few minutes, or last several hours. Approximately 35 people in 100,000 suffer with SVT, and diagnosis can be challenging as the irregular heart rhythm comes and goes, and, therefore, is difficult to identify unless an electrocardiogram (ECG) can record an episode at the time it occurs.

Another challenge is that despite treatment some people with SVT continue to have symptoms. In addition, some may stop taking medication because they cannot tolerate the side effects.

To address some of these challenges, Arrhythmia Alliance will launch new patient resources on SVT; host a virtual coffee morning for people living with SVT and also release a series of Living with… SVT webinars—all to raise awareness of the condition and help people seek medical advice and treatments.

To inspire others to improve care standards for patients with SVT, Arrhythmia Alliance called for healthcare teams to showcase their work in SVT services.

A large number of Medical Centres submitted case studies which were reviewed by an international panel of expert judges, with the winners published in the report and recognised as a ‘Centre of Excellence’.


  1. My cardiac history is somewhat complex, but over the last year I have suffered two SVT episodes both have been treated successfully, by electrically shocking mu heart into normal rytherm.
    I have only just found this page, it is also my brothers birthday hence I have only just come upon this page. I do require some support.


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