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Biotronik and Endosense sign international exclusive distribution partnership

Biotronik and Endosense sign international exclusive distribution partnership

Biotronik and Endosense announced on 14 January 2010 that they have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement for Endosense’s force-sensing ablation catheter, the TactiCath. Under the terms of the agreement, Biotronik will be the exclusive distributor of the TactiCath in all major markets outside of the United States, Japan and Asia.

Granted CE mark for atrial fibrillation and supraventricular tachycardia indications in 2009, the TactiCath is the first force-sensing ablation catheter to give physicians a real-time, objective measure of contact force during cardiac ablation procedures. Its clinical utility is supported by strong acute and chronic evidence.

The agreement brings together two strong partners: Endosense, which has identified the major unmet clinical need of contact force for cardiac ablation and developed the TactiCath with the support of an internationally recognised scientific advisory board; and Biotronik, which has demonstrated a track record in pioneering innovative technology in the market with its Home Monitoring solution, sensor technology such as Closed Loop Stimulation (CLS) and a scientifically validated gold tip ablation concept.

“Adding Endosense’s innovative force-sensing technology to our comprehensive ablation portfolio demonstrates the strong commitment Biotronik has in this field. The extensive clinical study and initial clinical use of the TactiCath have proven its potential to significantly improve the efficacy, safety and reproducibility of catheter ablation procedures, an achievement that is consistent with our commitment to drive positive change in clinical practice. The technology and the Swiss engineering quality match well with our corporate strategy for quality and innovation. We look forward to joining forces to bring this great innovation to market,” commented Marlou Janssen, global vice president, marketing & sales CRM of Biotronik.

“We expect the new partnership between Endosense and Biotronik to boost the commercial adoption of the TactiCath,” said Eric Le Royer, president and chief executive officer of Endosense. “Biotronik has all the attributes to contribute to this success with shared values, a proven track record and a very established presence in the market. Our partnership will produce a major step forward in the area of cardiac ablation, as we will address the unmet need of absolute force control in the electrophysiology lab and, by doing so, change clinical practice.”