AliveCor unveils first artificial intelligence-enabled platform for early atrial fibrillation detection

AliveCor’s Kardia platform

AliveCor has release the Kardia Pro, an industry-first artificial intelligence-enabled platform for doctors to monitor patients for the early detection of atrial fibrillation, in the USA.

The company has also announced US$30 million in new funding, led by Omron Healthcare and the Mayo Clinic.

Vic Gundotra, AliveCor chief executive officer, says, “Kardia Pro tracks important measures of physiology like weight, activity and blood pressure, and, for the first time, artificial intelligence technology is used to create a personal heart profile for each user, enabling user identification.”

“When I find so compelling about Kardia is how it empowers my patient, making them much more proactive in their own healthcare,” says Theodore Takata, cardiac electrophysiologist. “Reviewing data…this quickly also lets me make important medical decisions, accelerating the time to diagnosis and avoiding unnecessary healthcare utilisation.”