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Decline in defibrillation testing during ICD implantation

One in three patients treated in line with ICD guidelines

A study of patients undergoing implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) therapy across three centres, found that only one in three were treated in concordance with...


AI and its growing role in arrhythmia

Malcom Finlay (Bart's Health Centre, London, UK) reviews the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI) in diagnosing arrhythmias.  Johnny, a 72-year-old film producer, is meeting...

Persistent atrial fibrillation—seeking the sources of the cardiac electrical field

Andrew Grace charts the evolution of non-contact mapping culminating in the current AcQMap system—the technology has advanced understanding of persistent atrial fibrillation (AF), providing...


 Jennifer Silva (St Louis, USA) talks to BLearning Cardio at SIR 2019 (Society of Interventional Radiology; 23–28 March; Austin, USA) about why physicians should move away from using Virtual Reality (VR) during procedures and move towards augmented and mixed...
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