New data hint at “hard to beat” efficacy and safety for rotational TLE


Data from the PROMET and RELEASE studies provide important new insights into the safety and efficacy of rotational transvenous lead extraction (TLE), Christoph Starck (Berlin, Germany) and Peter Paul Delnoy (Zwolle, The Netherlands) tell Cardiac Rhythm News at the 2022 European Heart Rhythm Association annual meeting (EHRA 2022, 3‒5 April, Copenhagen, Denmark).

Starck outlines the importance of the new data including—significantly—what it reveals about the incidence of superior vena cava (SVC) injury when using rotational TLE and how these data influence practice. “Rotational TLE provides high efficacy while exhibiting [an] excellent safety profile,” says Starck. “I think this is a very important fact, if you think about the shift towards more non-infectious indications,” reflecting an evolution in the way that rotational TLE is being deployed by physicians.

Delnoy discusses the fundamentals to consider when deploying rotational TLE and offers advice for extractors who are considering lead extraction compared to a less proactive approach. “It all starts with good preparation,” he suggests, before running through his standard plan for rotational TLE, as well as touching on the trends in the use of the technology and how these have changed over time.

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