Amsel Medical to present Occluder research at ICI 2016


Amsel Medical Corporation is to present initial animal results of its “A Novel Mechanical Closure Device for Left Atrial Appendage Orifice and Closure of Right Atrial Incision” research at the upcoming 2016 International Conference for Innovations in Cardiovascular Systems (ICI) Meeting (December 4-6; Tel Aviv, Israel).

The Amsel Occluder device is intended for use in open general surgery procedures on tubular structures or blood vessels (arteries and veins) wherever a metal ligating clip is indicated and within the size range of 2mm to 7mm.

Hillel Laks, co-investigator and chancellor’s professor of Surgery, UCLA Medical Center, comments, ” The clinical need for LAA closure is enormous and new technologies capable of achieving LAA closure in a growing patient population requiring this procedure is driving innovation. The Amsel Occluder possesses the ability to transfix and approximate selected tissues, advancing our technique beyond the current limitations of standard suture closure and current mechanical closure devices. The Amsel Occluder not only provides secure and haemostatic closure of the fragile atrial tissue but also allows mechanical closure of non-linear suture lines, eliminating residual pockets and recesses where clot can accumulate and embolise.”