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EHRA Proctor Programme applications now open

EHRA Proctor Programme applications now open

EuropeanHeartRhythmSociety_featuredproductThe European Heart Rhythm Association (EHRA) invites EHRA current and past winners of the Training Fellowship Programmes or established physicians wanting to acquire additional techniques/skills in the field of arrhythmias or cardiac pacing to apply for the EHRA Proctor Programme.

EHRA also invites training 
centres already involved in a regular EHRA Training Fellowship Programme to apply to be hosting centres of the Proctor Programme.

A key objective of the EHRA Proctor Programme is to ease the transition from fellowship to independent practice once having completed the EHRA Training Fellowship Programmes.

Physicians who enrol in the 
EHRA Proctor Programme will be given a mentor to guide them through their first procedure and, potentially, their subsequent procedures at their local hospitals.

Applicants may also be supervised on complex ablation procedures for atrial fibrillation, left atrial re-entry tachycardia, re-entrant ventricular tachycardia and ventricular tachycardia in difficult anatomic access procedures, such as aortic root and epicardial mapping. They may also be guided through device implantation such as biventricular pacing and lead implantation in special positions and also lead extraction.

The duration for training in the Proctor Programme for initial cases is one or two weeks at the hosting centre, followed by an intermediate time period for the applicant to implement the learned new technique or programme supported by mentor visits at the applicant’s centre.

Only EHRA Members (citizens or permanent residents of a regular ESC Member Country) are eligible to apply to the Programme and they should either be former EHRA Fellows or should have obtained a position in a hospital of their home countries where the Programme takes place.

EHRA also allows one allied professional per centre to join the Programme.

The deadline for applications is 
29 July 2016. For more information click here