Mitac launches wearable ECG-sensor to monitor cardiac arrhythmias

MiCor A100

Mitac Europe has announced the launch of its MiCor A100, an electrocardiograph wristband that measures heart rhythm and highlights symptoms of cardiac conduction abnormalities.

According to a company release, the MiCor A100 is an easy to use and can measure cardiac functions anytime and anywhere with no restrictions on lifestyle or activity. The abnormal heart rate measurements can also be recorded and stored in the internal memory and transferred to the MiCor app to be studied by a healthcare professional.

The device can store 30 separate sets or ‘events’ of ECG signal (30 seconds per event), also recording date and time. After syncing with the MiCor app, the information can be transferred to smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth low energy (BLE 4.0). The app displays an electrical cardiogram of each recording which can easily be printed or emailed for analysis and diagnosis by a cardiologist or another healthcare professional.

In addition to the medical advantages it offers, it also functions as an activity tracker and measures steps, sleep and calories burned using medical grade accuracy.