Osypka AG launches 8mm gold-tipped Cerablate Flutter ablation catheter

Cerablate Flutter

According to a company release, the new device is ideal for maximum voltage guided ablation of atrial flutter.

The Cerablate Flutter is a newly designed radiofrequency-powered ablation catheter with an 8mm gold tip for the treatment of atrial flutter. The catheter features a special tip design where the second electrode is located near the 8mm tip electrode, which is ideally suited for maximum voltage guided ablation (high-voltage mapping), an advanced technique in the treatment of atrial flutter.

The company states that maximum voltage guided is considered an optimised, time-saving and elegant alternative mapping and ablation method compared to conventional point-by-point “line-drawing” ablation on the Isthmus during flutter ablation. Additionally, its design, in combination with the 8mm gold tip, aims to reduce thrombus formation, increase patient safety and optimise procedure efficacy.


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