Stereotaxis releases second generation V-CAS Deflect system in Europe

Stereotaxis's second generation V-CAS Deflect II
Stereotaxis’s second generation V-CAS Deflect II

Stereotaxis has announced the market release of its second generation V-CAS Deflect catheter advancement system in Europe. The V-CAS Deflect catheter advancement system is designed to remotely control a proprietary robotic deflectable sheath during a cardiac ablation procedure with the Stereotaxis Niobe remote magnetic navigation system. The deflectable sheath is designed to provide improved support, stability and manoeuvrability of the magnetic ablation catheter during therapy delivery.

William C Mills, Stereotaxis chief executive officer, claims, “By remotely controlling both the magnetic catheter body and deflectable steering sheath, the V-CAS Deflect system, in combination with the Niobe system, enables safer, more efficient single-operator procedures for complex arrhythmias and further progresses our vision of a fully remote ablation environment.”

According to a company release, the V-CAS Deflect catheter advancement system——part of the Stereotaxis Vdrive robotic navigation system portfolio—incorporates a disposable, deflectable sheath capable of 210-degree deflection at the distal end. Integrated electrodes on the sheath are designed for optimal display on a mapping system, enabling standard sheath techniques and adjustments to be visualised and performed from a control room rather than from within the radiation field of the procedure room. The new version includes features designed to improve performance in smaller heart chambers, provide better navigation through complex anatomy, and enhance visualisation on 3D mapping systems. According to the release, the use of the V-CAS Deflect system negates the need for any other type of deflectable sheath when conducting magnetic procedures.

The second generation V-CAS Deflect system has already been successfully used in procedures performed at St. Olav’s Hospital in Norway and Centre Hospitalier Princess Grace in Monaco.