Abbott completes acquisition of Topera


Abbott has completed its acquisition of Topera. Under the terms of the acquisition, Abbott acquired all outstanding equity of Topera for US$250m upfront, plus potential future payments tied to performance milestones.

Topera has developed a novel diagnostic catheter and mapping software, or rotor identification system, which helps physicians identify and target patient-specific rotors that have been shown to be the sustaining mechanism for atrial fibrillation. The ability to locate these rotors enables the physician to individualise patient treatment through a procedure referred to as focal impulse and rotor mapping guided ablation, or FIRM-guided ablation. Topera’s rotor identification system has been shown, when used with existing catheter ablation therapy, to result in positive long-term success rates, even in difficult-to-treat cases.

“The Topera acquisition gives Abbott a foundational entry in the large, high-growth electrophysiology market with breakthrough technologies that can transform how physicians treat people with complex heart rhythm disorders,” says John M Capek, executive vice president, medical devices, Abbott. “The ability to more accurately target the areas of the heart perpetuating atrial fibrillation is a significant advancement in the field of electrophysiology and can transform patient care.”