Acutus Medical granted CE mark for AcQMap 3D


acutus-7x4Acutus Medical has received CE mark approval for its AcQMap high resolution imaging and mapping system, and for its AcQMap catheter.

The AcQMap high resolution imaging and mapping system is designed to detect and display both standard voltage-based and higher resolution charge-source (dipole density) maps. The system is designed to generate real-time, 3D images of the heart chamber using ultrasound with quality comparable to a CT or MRI in a matter of minutes. Dipole, non-contact mapping is intended to create a highly accurate, instantaneous global view, capturing the activation pattern of every heartbeat.

“During a recent AcQMap procedure, we were able to systematically map atrial fibrillation and eliminate the identified sites of interest, ultimately restoring the patient to their native rhythm,” says Andrew Grace, Papworth, UK. “The ability to map and quickly re-map after each set of ablations makes it possible to truly visualise atrial fibrillation and to achieve sinus rhythm.”