Acutus Medical launches the AcQBlate force sensing ablation system in Europe

AcQBlate FORCE sensing ablation system

Acutus Medical has announced the launch of the AcQBlate force sensing ablation system in Europe after securing CE mark for the company’s AcQBlate FORCE ablation catheter and the Qubic force sensing module (Qubic Force).

The AcQBlate force sensing ablation system, which incorporates a gold-tipped, irrigated, force-sensing radiofrequency ablation catheter also integrates two components made available through Acutus Medical’s international alliance with Biotronik: the Qubic radiofrequency generator (Qubic RF) and the Qiona Irrigation Pump.

When combined with AcQMap, Acutus’ 3D cardiac imaging and mapping system, the AcQBlate Force Sensing Ablation System represents a complete and highly differentiated solution for the electrophysiologic (EP) mapping and RF ablation of cardiac arrhythmias, the company said in a press release.

AcQBlate FORCE is designed to show, in real time, how much contact is being applied to the heart during ablation procedures. The system uses an optical fibre-based force sensor in an isolated tip with active temperature compensation that results in contact force measurements at all contact angles during an ablation procedure.

“It is important that physicians know how much force is being applied to the wall of the heart during ablation procedures,” said Tamas Szili-Torok of Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. “AcQBlate FORCE is a unique and differentiated product that will easily surpass expectations in providing a therapeutic solution. The AcQBlate FORCE catheter combines the benefits of optical force sensing technology, a gold ablation electrode, and a novel irrigation design to enable effective lesion formation at lower irrigation rates.”

“We are excited to offer this innovative and fully integrated therapeutic solution,” said Vince Burgess, CEO of Acutus Medical. “AcQBlate FORCE’s capabilities reflect everything we’re trying to accomplish at Acutus—the creation and delivery of EP products that are both state-of-the-art and designed to work in virtually any setting due to their open platform design. Open platforms help accelerate innovation and drive cost effective solutions that ultimately benefit all. We look forward to offering the benefits of a comprehensive, force sensing ablation system to electrophysiologists in Europe and, ultimately, around the world.”

AcQBlate Force Sensing Catheter is not for sale in the USA.


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