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Usman Siddiqui

In this white paper Usman Siddiqui (Advent Health, Orlando, USA) discusses the reasons why the Prucka 3 with CardioLab Digital Recording System stands out among electrophysiology labs.

Featuring a robust ecosystem encompassing mapping technologies and emerging artificial intelligence interface solutions, the Prucka 3 with CardioLab system offers accuracy, efficiency, and advanced analytics for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, they suggest. This article explores the key features, benefits, and advancements of the system, demonstrating its indispensable role in modern electrophysiology labs.

Electrophysiology labs play a pivotal role in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, requiring sophisticated recording systems to capture and analyse intracardiac signals accurately. The Prucka 3 with CardioLab recording system offers a robust open architecture ecosystem that incorporates mapping technologies and provides a path to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI). This article aims to illustrate the reasons behind the Prucka 3 with CardioLab system’s importance, exploring its key features and benefits.

The recording systems integrate with state-of-the-art mapping technologies from industry leaders, as well as its compatibility with emerging technologies in the mapping field, enhancing the accuracy and precision of cardiac signal acquisition. “It is this flexibility and simple compatibility with emerging technologies that allow me to explore beyond the boundaries of general EP procedures and consider what is next in the space,” comments Siddiqui.

The Prucka 3 with CardioLab recording system has the ability to leverage emerging AI solutions that may enhance diagnostic capabilities and streamline workflows in electrophysiology labs. Through compatibility with AI technology platforms, the system is able to analyse vast amounts of complex electrophysiological data, providing valuable insights and aiding in the identification of subtle patterns or abnormalities. AI-powered algorithms also enable automated arrhythmia detection and classification, expediting diagnosis and reducing human error.

One of the standout features of the Prucka 3 with CardioLab recording system is its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. It employs intuitive visualisation tools that allow electrophysiologists to effortlessly navigate and interpret complex electrophysiological data. Real-time visualisation, coupled with robust reporting options, empowers clinicians to make informed decisions and effectively communicate findings. Integration with EMR (EPIC) and CVIT solutions (CCW) provides additional options for physician-structured reporting without the requirement to double document information that was already populated during the procedure. This integration of advanced analytics and reporting may enhance patient care and research outcomes.

Seamless integration and compatibility

The system demonstrates exceptional versatility by seamlessly integrating with existing electrophysiology lab solutions and infrastructure. Its compatibility with a wide range of mapping systems, adjacent electrophysiological technologies, hospital networks, and EMRs/CVITs provides a smooth transition of data and can maximise the utilisation of existing resources. This interoperability can help minimise disruptions and help promote collaboration among clinicians, researchers, and industry partners, driving innovation in the field of electrophysiology.

User-friendly interface and workflow

Usability and workflow efficiency are paramount in electrophysiology labs. The Prucka 3 with CardioLab Recording System has been a market leader for over 20 years. It boasts an intuitive user interface that is designed to simplify data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation. Its streamlined workflow, combined with automated processes can accelerate procedures and patient throughput, help reduce error, and optimise resource utilisation. The user-friendly design of the system allows for seamless training and quick adoption, with the goal of providing for efficient operation within electrophysiology labs.

“As a user of the system for many years, I can attest to the ease of use. Even with the introduction of new features and functionality, my team has adapted easily and continues to use the system effortlessly,” adds Siddiqui.

Through its powerful presence in the EP ecosystem that encompasses advanced technologies, the Prucka 3 with CardioLab system remains the hub for data and data exchange in the space. It boasts interfaces and compatibility to emerging AI solutions and offers efficiency to help physicians provide quality patient care. Its integration with existing hospital and EP lab infrastructure, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with various electrophysiological adjacent devices make it an indispensable tool for clinicians and researchers alike.


Dr Siddiqui is a paid consultant for GE HealthCare and was compensated for participation in this testimonial.


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