Advisor HD Grid mapping catheter, sensor enabled, gains FDA clearance

Advisor HD Grid mapping catheter

Abbott has announced US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance of the Advisor HD Grid mapping catheter, sensor enabled. Advisor HD Grid employs a new design that allows physicians to see things differently, capturing and analysing data in a novel manner to create highly detailed maps of the heart that better differentiate healthy from unhealthy tissue.

The new Advisor HD Grid catheter is designed to capture information—such as the direction and speed of cardiac signals—often missed with traditional mapping catheters. Advisor HD Grid offers physicians a unique grid configuration that captures this critical information and enables the creation of high-density maps of cardiac tissue to support optimal treatment for patients. With the Advisor HD Grid mapping catheter, for the first time physicians can see electrical signals that they may have missed using standard mapping catheters.

“At the University of Chicago Medicine, we are passionate about understanding and redefining arrhythmia mechanisms with higher resolution cardiac mapping. Abbott’s Advisor HD Grid represents an important step in the development of next generation mapping catheters. With a flexible and soft design using magnetic sensor technology, the catheter helps capture signals previous catheters may have missed to support the creation of highly detailed 3D maps of the heart,” says Roderick Tung (director of cardiac electrophysiology, University of Chicago Hospitals, USA). “Innovation within the field of electrophysiology continues to evolve toward improving our ability to visualise arrhythmias in much greater detail, and we are confident that patient outcomes will improve as a result.”

As an added benefit for physicians, the Advisor HD Grid mapping catheter was designed with Sensor Enable technology, which can help optimise the accuracy of the cardiac image and provide physicians additional flexibility when pairing the catheter with the EnSite Precision cardiac mapping system.


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