AF Symposium 2020: Acutus Medical live streams case using AcQMap System


Acutus Medical offered a demonstration of its AcQMap advanced cardiac imaging and mapping system at AF Symposium (23–25 January, Washington, DC, USA) with a live-stream of a case study from Oxford University Hospitals. The live stream, which was followed by a panel discussion, took place this morning (January 24).

In a press release, Acutus described AcQMap as the first and only all-in-one 3D imaging and mapping system capable of three mapping modalities: contact, single position non-contact, and hover mapping. Hover mapping with SuperMap received CE mark in October 2019.

AcQMap utilises precision ultrasound atrial anatomy imaging and high-definition non-contact charge mapping to visually represent real-time electrical patterns in the left and right atria during complex arrhythmias.

Physicians are able to uncover the electrical activation pattern of the heart and create a full-chamber, 360-degree look at the atrium in real time for each individual patient, enabling truly customized and differentiated treatment for every case using an iterative map, ablate, re-map strategy, Acutus said in its press statement.

“This system will increase the likelihood of using AcQMap for mapping rhythms other than AF [atrial fibrillation],” said Simon James, James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK. “It takes away the need to decide which system to use in advance, as this system can map any rhythm. AcQMap feels like contact mapping in terms of catheter manipulation, but with the advantages of having more than one mapping option, depending on where the rhythm turns. For the first time, I can truly offer tailored and personalized treatment with rapid, consistent and reproducible results.”

“Exceeding physician expectation is not the norm and it’s definitely not easy. But it’s exactly what we’ve done and continue to do at Acutus,” stated Vince Burgess, president and CEO of Acutus Medical. “We hit the mark by streamlining workflow and creating an accurate solution that is fast, fun and easy to use.”

Acutus is also serving as a sponsor of AF Symposium’s 2020 Fellows Program, which provides an opportunity for electrophysiologists to learn more about innovative technologies and processes that can help improve techniques and deliver optimal patient outcomes.

AcQMap was cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2017 and received CE Mark in 2016.


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