Baku 2015 equips European Games with Zoll AED Plus to treat sudden cardiac arrest


The Baku 2015 European Games, (12–28 June, Baku, Azerbaijan), will be equipped with the Zoll AED Plus in the event that anyone attending or participating in this inaugural edition of the European Games experiences a sudden cardiac arrest. Eighty AED Plus units will be distributed among the mobile medical teams and be available across all Baku 2015 venues.

“In accordance with our best practices, automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are an important component of medical delivery at the games,” said James McLeod, director of athletic services and operations for Baku 2015. “The legacy aspect of the AEDs is huge since they can be distributed and introduced into the Azerbaijan health system following the Games.”

According to the Operations Committee of the Baku Games, the AED Plus was recommended because of its CPR feedback technology. In addition to providing a shock if needed, the AED Plus features Real CPR Help technology, real-time audio and visual feedback to guide rescuers to the correct depth and rate of chest compression to deliver high-quality CPR and positively impact outcomes.

Earlier this year, Zoll representatives provided medical team leaders for these games with in-service training in a simulation center at Azerbaijan Medical University.