Biotronik ties in with AliveCor on heart rhythm monitoring technology


Biotronik has announced a partnership with AliveCor, the developer of personal electrocardiogram (ECG) technology and services.

The partnership will bring together Biotronik’s Biomonitor injectable cardiac monitor with AliveCor’s AI-enabled, clinically validated, medical-grade KardiaMobile 6L and KardiaMobile Card ECG technology.

Through this pilot collaboration, healthcare providers will be able to access clinically relevant heart rhythm analyses and actionable reports to monitor at-risk patients; identify underlying arrhythmias, including atrial fibrillation (AF); and assess means to drive improvements to patient care and clinical outcomes, Biotronik said in a press release.

“Connecting wearable and implantable cardiac diagnostic device data from the earliest stages in the care continuum is groundbreaking,” said Kenneth Nelson, head of digital health and diagnostics at Biotronik. “This pilot project intends to give physicians and caregivers a more longitudinal view of the patient’s condition while simultaneously reducing overall time spent on data management. We are proud to be on the frontier driving novel innovation.”

This partnership aims to enable faster diagnosis, more informed clinical decision-making and effective treatment by bringing complete information to every step in the diagnosis, device implant, and management process, Biotronik’s press release adds. Providing connected solutions with EHR-integrated monitoring may facilitate seamless sharing of secure ECG data to optimise physicians’ workflow.

This pilot collaboration is the first in a series of partnerships with leading digital health organisations to improve the delivery of connected care in cardiac diagnostics and remote patient monitoring, Biotronik adds.


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