Biotronik announces first implantation of Lumax 740 ProMRI ICD in Asia


On 27 April, Biotronik announced the first implantation of the new Lumax 740 ICD (implantable cardiac defibrillator) in Hong Kong.

According to a company release, Lumax 740 is the world’s first and only ICD and CRT-D series approved for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

After the international launch on 17 April 2012, the first device implantation of a Lumax 740 ICD in Asia was successfully performed by Jeffrey Wing-Hong Fung, director of Electrophysiology Laboratory at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. He said: “Biotronik’s ProMRI innovation in the Lumax 740 series is an important breakthrough for patients needing ICDs.”

“I am glad that Biotronik’s ProMRI innovation in the Lumax 740 series is finally available to patients in Hong Kong and that ICD patients can now benefit from this technology,” said Fung. “Until now, patients with an ICD had been excluded from undergoing MR scans despite the fact that these scans are critical for the diagnosis and therapy of patients with serious medical conditions, such as cancer, stroke and other neurologic and orthopaedic conditions.”