Biotronik launches Edora MR-conditional pacemakers

Biotronik Edora

Biotronik has launched the Edora range of high-functioning, small-size pacemakers and cardiac resynchronisation therapy pacemakers (CRT-Ps).

The new devices are equipped with features designed to improve patient safety, therapy and comfort. Moreover, Edora pacemakers are significantly smaller and lighter than preceding models.

“Biotronik’s new series of pacemakers fits well in the current age of smart technologies, with devices that are smaller, lighter and shorter while retaining longevity,” states Saravanan AL Krishinan, Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Setar, Malaysia. “What is more, the devices offer simplified magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) access, which is often crucial for better patient care.”

Edora pacemakers and CRT-Ps are MR-conditional and feature the company’s award-winning MRI AutoDetect functionality. This means that within a programmable window of up to 14 days, the device’s built-in sensor is designed to detect an MRI environment, automatically switch the system to MRI mode, and then automatically switch back to its standard mode once the scan is complete. Since the device is only in MRI mode for the duration of the scan, the patient should receive optimal therapy for the maximum amount of time, according to a company release.

Devices in the Edora series also support Biotronik’s Home Monitoring service for remote long-term patient care with a streamlined workflow. Home Monitoring automatically collects cardiovascular data from the patient’s device on a daily basis and transmits it remotely to the physician. This facilitates the early detection of arrhythmias, with clinical trial results demonstrating that the service significantly reduces hospitalisation for atrial arrhythmia and related stroke in pacemaker patients.

According to the release, Edora CRT-Ps are specifically tailored for individualised therapy through quadripolar technology for flexible pacing in the left ventricle.