Biotronik launches Ilesto 7 Series in Europe


Biotronik has announced the European market launch of its Ilesto 7 Series. This is the world’s first DF4 implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) and cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) series approved for MRI.

According to a company press release, the Ilesto 7 series include one of the world’s smallest ICDs and also offer the greatest longevity- up to 11.5 years for the single chamber ICD.

“We see a rising need for MR scans at our clinic and nationwide, and we acknowledge the steps Biotronik has taken to develop its ProMRItechnology in order to help thousands of patients obtain the diagnostics they desperately need,” said Juan Gabriel Martinez, head of the Arrhythmia Unit of Hospital General Alicante, Spain.

Martinez implanted an Ilesto 7 HF-T in a 63-year-old patient suffering from cardiomyopathy. “Before Biotronik launched its ProMRItechnology, patients with an ICD or CRT-D were prohibited from undergoing MR scans. Fortunately, with the new Ilesto system, I can offer my patients the option of an MR scan if they need one in the future. This is a very important aspect to my patients, as they have a high chance of needing an MR scan during the lifetime of their devices.”

Due to its small size, the Ilesto 7 Series and the new DF4 connector system, according to a company release, simplifies and shortens the implantation procedure, is more comfortable for the patient, and also leads to better cosmetic results.