Biotronik receives CE mark for AICath Force ablation catheter


Biotronik has announced CE mark approval for the AlCath Force the gold-tipped force sensing ablation catheter system.

The AlCath Force was designed specifically to show physicians—in real-time—how much contact is being applied to the heart wall during ablation procedures, helping physicians deliver safe and effective therapy. Studies have shown that gold-tipped catheters can create the same lesion in less time when compared to platinum-tipped catheters.

AlCath Force uses an innovative force sensor in an isolated tip with active temperature compensation that results in accurate and reliable contact force measurements during an ablation procedure, Biotronik said in a press release.

“This catheter combines the benefits of optical force sensing technology, a gold-tipped ablation electrode and a unique irrigation design—enabling effective lesion formation at low irrigation flow rates,” said Tamas Szili-Torok of Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The AlCath Force catheter is made available through Acutus Medical’s global alliance with Biotronik.


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