Bluetooth-equipped pacemakers receive CE mark approval


MicroPort CRM has announced the European launch of Alizea and Borea pacemakers after receiving the CE mark under the new Medical Device Regulation. The devices are equipped with Bluetooth technology for streamlined remote monitoring when paired with the SmartView Connect home monitor.

Alizea and Borea connected pacemakers allow cardiologists to monitor the devices remotely, saving patients the need to travel to hospital for a simple routine examination and thus reducing burden on the healthcare system.

“MicroPort CRM has always been committed to providing medical devices with the most advanced technology and features to improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden on the healthcare system”, said Benoît Clinchamps, president of MicroPort CRM. “Alizea and Borea pacemakers, associated with SmartView Connect home monitor, are a perfect example of our objective to improve the management of healthcare by reducing hospital visits, while ensuring continuity of monitoring and follow-up. These new pacemakers keep patients connected to their clinical team with secured and streamlined communication.”

The devices are provided with a smart home monitor, SmartView Connect, which is to be placed at the patient’s bedside. The monitor allows cardiologists to automatically and regularly receive detailed reports on the functioning of the system, as well as timely alerts and transmissions triggered by the patients when they have symptoms. The SmartView Connect home monitor is equipped with an interface that has been designed to be suitable for an elderly patient population, providing greater autonomy and involvement for this demographic regarding their therapy.


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