BodyGuardian Mini, the smallest, reusable, waterproof cardiac Holter monitor launched


Preventice Solutions has announced the launch of the BodyGuardian Mini, the smallest, reusable long-term Holter technology available for cardiac monitoring. The new, compactly designed technology includes an ultra-small, lightweight cardiac monitor that enables up to 14-days of ECG measurements that are transmitted to a physician in an easy-to-read, data-rich report.

“Our vision for the BodyGuardian Heart system has been grounded in transformative advancement of the technology to address patient and physician needs,” said Jon Otterstatter, CEO, Preventice Solutions. “Innovative thinking is built into every BodyGuardian Mini. It is an example of technology progress that directly enhances patient compliance through ease-of-use and comfort, based on its small size and reusable, waterproof design. For physicians, the Mini is a technological innovation that can achieve up to 14-days of ECG measurements with fast access to an easy-to-read, data-rich report.”

The BodyGuardian Mini is the smallest, reusable long-term Holter monitor available. Unlike many other long-term Holters, the new Mini device offers a wearable patch that can be moved and reapplied by the patient to optimize comfort and wearability. It can also be replaced during the study without jeopardizing data collection or requiring the patient to return to the clinic. In addition, it is waterproof, allowing patients the freedom to go about their daily routine without interrupting cardiac monitoring. Due to its small size, and its ability to be placed centrally on the chest, BodyGuardian Mini can optimally and proportionally capture the P-wave.

“Remote cardiac monitoring is an important technology used in the diagnosis of cardiac rhythm abnormalities,” said Ziad F. Issa, executive director, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Prairie Heart Institute of Illinois. “Recent advances in technology will make these systems easier for patients to use and even more specific in helping physicians gather insights needed to make accurate clinical diagnosis with faster access to the specific, detailed data from patients, while they go about their daily activities.”


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