Boston Scientific launches new implantable defibrillation lead in Europe and Asia


Boston Scientific has received regulatory approval to market the Reliance 4-Front lead in Europe and Asia.

The Reliance 4-Front lead is built upon the demonstrated performance and reliability of the Reliance lead platform with design enhancements intended to simplify the implant procedure. According to Boston Scientific, the Reliance leads, with more than 350,000 implants worldwide, have demonstrated a 98.9% survival probability at 8 years(1).

“Leveraging the Reliance platform, we made a series of targeted design enhancements with Reliance 4-Front to improve and simplify implantation,” said Kenneth Stein, chief medical officer of Boston Scientific’s Cardiac Rhythm Management Group.

Features of the new Reliance 4-Front lead include a modest size reduction in the lead body to improve handling and maneuverability while maintaining insulation thickness and reliability. Irox, a fractal coating, has been added to enhance electrical properties and lower pacing thresholds. The Reliance 4-Front lead also features a secured Gore coating, designed to prevent tissue ingrowth into the defibrillation coils. Adhering the Gore coating to the new lead simplifies implantation by eliminating steps in the current procedure.

Reliance 4-Front is not available for sale in the United States.

Reliance 4-Front in Asia

In Asia, the first two implants of the Reliance 4-Front lead were performed by Razali Bin Omar and Azlan Hussin at the Institute Jantung Negara Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

“As a long time user of the Reliance family of leads, I am pleased to see that the new lead builds upon the dependability I have come to appreciate with this platform,” said Razali, director of Clinical Electrophysiology and Pacemaker Service Department of Cardiology at the National Heart Institute in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “The Reliance 4-Front lead handles and maneuvers well during implantation, resulting in a smooth and efficient procedure.”

Reliance 4-Front in Europe

In Europe, Maurizio Gasparini, director of Electrophysiology and Pacing Department at Humanitas Hospital in Rozzano, Italy is one of the first implanters in Europe and one of the most experienced physicians with this technology.

“Boston Scientific has established itself as a leader in lead reliability through the Reliance family of leads,” said Gasparini. “Reliance 4-Front, the latest addition to this family, provides consistent outcomes and handles very well during the implantation procedure.”

(1)Survival probability is comprised of all Reliance and Reliance G models combined as one population. Data source and data cut off is based on the BSC Q2 2012 Product Performance report. Data and calculations on file.