Cardiostim will not be held in 2018


Following EHRA’s decision to hold its own annual congress in March and the difficulty for the industry to financially support Cardiostim as well as before, the decision has been taken no to hold Cardiostim 2018.

In spite of the extraordinary success of the congress, and the strong rate of satisfaction of the participants (87% of “very” and “extremely ” pleased people), the pursuit of the congress in its current format and size unfortunately became impossible for 2018.

EHRA, learned society of ESC (European Society of Cardiology) decision not to renew its 12-year partnership with Cardiostim and to have its own annual congress, Europace, in March, a few months away from Cardiostim, along with the impossibility for the industry to financially support this congress as well as before would have prevented Cardiostim from reaching its ambitions. Acknowledging this, Reed Expositions France took the decision not to hold the 2018 Cardiostim congress.

Created in 1978 by Jacques Mugica, then acquired in 2008 by Reed Expositions France, Cardiostim became over the years one of the biggest world congresses in electrophysiology and cardiac techniques, being held every 2 years in Nice. For 40 years, it contributed to the training and improvement of the daily practice of tens of thousands of physicians, researchers, technicians and nurses over two generations.

In 2016, Cardiostim gathered 5,740 delegates from 91 countries and 60 exhibitors, among whom all the leaders of cardiac electrophysiology.

Its success rested on key factors such as the systematic valuation of innovation, the space given to education and a total independence for the choice of the themes and the speakers. Its international position strengthened during the last 40 years thanks to the quality of French-American relations, forged by Jacques Mugica and pursued by his successive chairmen, Philippe Ritter at first, then the recent tandem formed by Arnaud Lazarus and Pierre Jaïs, who both knew how to reinvent Cardiostim in their own way.

“In taking this decision, I have a particular thought for Jacques Mugica and his pioneer vision, his cosmopolitan, free and passionate personality. I sincerely thank the Chairmen and members of the Scientific Committee who were present every year, and obviously Philippe Ritter and the last two co-chairmen in date, Arnaud Lazarus and Pierre Jaïs. I include all the speakers and the industry who contributed to this great adventure and its success, and finally the tens of thousands of congress participants faithful to Cardiostim”, declares Michel Filzi, Reed Expositions.


  1. I have attended Cardiostim almost since its “birth” and sincerely regret its “death” at the premature age of 40. I have felt that in the crazy world of medical innovation, it was a breath of fresh air and truly reflected the greatness of the admixture of the worlds expertise in electrophysiology.
    It is tragic that it will no longer exist 🙁
    Dr. Robert Schnitzler Chairman of the former Island Symposium on Cardiac Pacing


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