Carnation Ambulatory Monitor wins “Best New Diagnostic Technology”

Carnation Ambulatory Monitor

The Carnation Ambulatory Monitor (Bardy Diagnostics) has received the “Best New Diagnostic Technology” award in the 2019 MedTech Breakthrough Awards programme. In a press release, Bardy Diagnostics says the device achieved the award for its innovative P-wave centric ambulatory cardiac patch monitoring and arrhythmia detection technology.

The MedTech Breakthrough Awards programme is an awards and recognition platform for global medical and health technology innovations. The programme has a range of categories, including medical devices, mhealth, robotics, telehealth, patient engagement, electronic health records (EHR), healthcare security, and medical data. In 2019, more than 3,500 nominations from over 15 different countries were evaluated by an independent panel of experts within the MedTech industry; the winning products and companies were selected based on a variety of considerations, including innovation, design and user-experience.

In the press release, Gust H Bardy, MD, founder and chief executive officer of Bardy Diagnostics states: “It is an honour to be recognised by the MedTech community as one of the innovating companies and technologies paving the way for the future of cardiac monitoring. This award recognises our collective drive at BardyDx towards transforming clinical care and developing an efficient, effective, and accurate healthcare solution that finally addresses the limitations and challenges of current cardiac monitors faced by clinical decision-makers day-in and day-out.”

The release adds that the Carnation Ambulatory Monitor patch is designed to be worn comfortably and discreetly; the female-friendly, hourglass-shaped patch is placed on the centre of the chest, directly over the heart for optimum ECG signal collection. The proprietary technology of the patch provides optimal detection and clear recording of the often difficult-to-detect P-wave that is essential for accurate arrhythmia diagnosis.


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