CVRx launches new version of neuromodulation device intended to treat heart failure


CVRx—the developer of the “world’s first” US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved neuromodulation device to treat the symptoms of heart failure—has launched its new Barostim NEO2 implantable pulse generator (IPG).

The second-generation device reduces the size of the IPG by 10% and extends battery life by 20%, reducing the frequency of device replacements for patients and their providers, a CVRx press release notes.

The Barostim NEO2 also offers a streamlined design with a single lead port (compared with two in the prior-generation device) to further simplify the implant procedure. All Barostim programmer models are compatible with the new IPG model, the release adds.

“The new Barostim NEO2 offers the same clinically proven Barostim therapy, but with a more convenient design for my patients that is smaller and lasts longer,” said Michael Hoosien (Piedmont Atlanta, Atlanta, USA). “We are excited to use this next-generation system to further expand our Barostim programme.”

“The new Barostim NEO2 is another leap forward in improving the patient and provider experience with Barostim therapy,” added Nadim Yared, president and CEO of CVRx. “These upgrades enable improved longevity using a smaller footprint and allow physicians to implant the device more easily than ever before.”


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