Endosense and GE Healthcare sign joint development agreement to improve catheter ablation procedures


Endosense and GE Healthcare have entered into a joint development agreement to integrate the contact-force data provided by Endosense into GE’s CardioLab electrophysiology recording and Innova imaging platforms. By combining their technologies, the companies are working on the development of an all-in-one system for performing catheter ablation procedures for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

The deal reflects a milestone in Endosense’s journey to make its technology more widely available in the EP market. Combining it with the market-leading CardioLab EP recording system further progresses Endosense’s open platform strategy. The arrangement also further enhances GE’s vision of one integrated system that enables EP physicians to focus on their patients, not the process.

“Our agreement with GE Healthcare is a meaningful validation of the industry’s growing recognition of the value of contact force-sensing in the electrophysiology lab,” said Eric Le Royer, chief executive officer, Endosense. “We are looking forward to partner with such an innovative and trusted industry leader. This system will deliver the combined benefits of our technologies to electrophysiologists and their patients.”

Jean-Michel Milles, general manager of Interventional Electrophysiology, GE Healthcare, added, “Critical information can help physicians make decisions, but an overabundance can also overwhelm and distract. Integrating the data provided by Endosense technology into our comprehensive EP suite will help to further enable electrophysiologists to continue performing complex procedures with confidence and efficiency.”