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Endosense launches next generation TactiCath force-sensing catheter

Endosense launches next generation TactiCath force-sensing catheter

Endosense has announced the commercial release of its next generation TactiCath force-sensing ablation catheter. Recently granted CE mark and unveiled this month at the DGK 2010 – German Cardiac Society meeting in Mannheim, Germany, the second generation product includes an elegantly enhanced catheter along with a feature-rich supporting system called the TactiSysTM.

“Endosense is committed to bringing the best force-sensing ablation catheter technology to the electrophysiology lab, and this next generation TactiCath reflects that ongoing commitment,” said Eric Le Royer, president and chief executive officer of Endosense. “This new generation was designed in response to customer feedback to create an even more valuable clinical experience with the TactiCath for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.”

Key additions to the second generation TactiCath were based on the valuable input of early clinical adopters and are intended to optimise the utility and versatility of the catheter and the system in clinical practice. The TactiSys system, which is comprised of a graphical user interface, base station and splitter, was upgraded to include a number of features, including:

  • A customisable, information-rich user interface that now displays force-time integral (the calculation of force over time), a new parameter which research has shown may be a better predictor of lesion size than current alternative parameters, and;
  • Automatically generated summary reports that document therapy delivery, including a histogram that shows physicians the forces applied throughout the catheter ablation procedure.

Endosense is committed to continuously enhancing the TactiCath catheter so that it remains one of the most advanced and state-of-the-art ablation catheters on the market today. Physician customers will continue to use the TactiCath, which now houses an even smaller fiber optic sensor at the tip, without having to make a compromise between force-sensing capability and optimal catheter mechanical characteristics.

“As a long-time user of the TactiCath, I find the next generation product to be a significantly enhanced system that delivers even greater performance and flexibility during catheter ablation procedures,” said Dipen Shah, University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland. “The new features and product enhancements make the TactiCath and TactiSys an even more compelling addition to the EP lab. They reflect a keen understanding by Endosense of our needs and a desire to continuously improve their products.”

The new TactiCath and TactiSys are indicated for the treatment of atrial fibrillation and supraventricular tachycardia. The product is currently available in major markets across Europe, Latin America, Canada, the Middle East and Africa.