Abbott’s Ensite X mapping system available in Canada


Abbott has introduced its EnSite X EP a cardiac mapping platform with EnSite Omnipolar Technology (OT) in Canada.

The platform allows for the creation of a 3D model of the patient’s cardiac anatomy in real-time, improving how physicians identify and then treat areas of the heart where abnormal rhythms originate.

Kingston Health Sciences Centre is the first hospital in Canada to use the new cardiac mapping system.

“As with all matters of the heart, the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias is often complex and challenging. Abbott’s new Ensite X mapping system not only supports the safe and effective treatment of our patients, but it allows us to locate an arrhythmia faster and more accurately, in some cases shaving hours off of procedure times,” said Damian Redfearn (Kingston Health Sciences Centre, Kingston, Canada).

Abbott’s proprietary EnSite OT was researched and tested in Toronto in partnership with the Nanthakumar Laboratory, a research lab at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, University Health Network (UHN). It has the ability to map one million points in the heart, accurately representing each heartbeat and providing precise location of required treatment areas, Abbott said in a press release.

“EnSite is the result of years of collaboration between Abbott and our team at UHN. Our combined efforts have yielded a best-in-class cardiac mapping system that can help cardiologists across the country better identify and treat cardiac patients by creating real-time, stable, three-dimensional models of the heart,” said Kumaraswamy Nanthakumar (UHN, Toronto, Canada). “We are proud that this technology is finally ready to be used every day to help the thousands of people across the country with disabling heart rhythms who need surgical intervention.”


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