EPIC Alliance addresses hot topics for female electro-physiologists at Cardiostim 2012


World-renowned female electrophysiologists professor Ellen Hoffmann and professor Jeanne E Poole are scheduled to chair the EPIC Alliance (Electrophysiologist International Community) scientific session at the Cardiostim 2012, 18th World Congress in Nice, France, on 15 June.

The session will include electrophysiology-related presentations made by leading female physicians and researchers from around the world. Topics will include “Atrial fibrillation ablation: beyond pulmonary vein isolation” and “Controversies in lead extractions for noninfectious indications.”

Sponsored by Biotronik, the EPIC Alliance is a professional organisation of female electrophysiologists founded in 2008 and aims to address the small number of women working in the field by actively strengthening their presence through its various programmes, internationally conducted meetings and clinical study opportunities. The group currently consists of 80 female electrophysiologists from around the globe and is the only alliance of its kind for women working in the field of electrophysiology.

“There is an alarming underrepresentation of women in electrophysiology,” said Hoffmann, member of the EPIC Alliance steering committee. “With the EPIC Alliance, we are creating a community of collaboration where women can share their work-related experiences and have access to a wide variety of professional opportunities.”

“Active mentoring of up-and-coming electrophysiologists by experienced practitioners within the EPIC Alliance is just one of the many activities members can participate in,” said Hoffmann. “Our membership finds this type of advice and guidance, as well as our international training opportunities, invaluable and we are very grateful to Biotronik for recognising the importance of the EPIC Alliance and supporting us in our unique efforts.”

“We have supported the EPIC Alliance for several years now, because it is a great way for women working in the field of electrophysiology to foster connections within the profession and create a network that will enrich and diversify the profession,” said Christoph Böhmer, managing director, Biotronik.

The EPIC Alliance‘s scientific meeting scheduled during Cardiostim 2012 is one of a number of global and local meetings that are scheduled in conjunction with major congresses worldwide. In addition to the special presentations, sessions will be held during the gathering to discuss subjects ranging from career development and research to advice related to achieving a healthy professional and private-life balance.