First patient implanted with next-generation AngelMed Guardian system


AngelMed has announced the first implant of the next-generation AngelMed Guardian system as part of the ALERTS-Continued Access Study. The AngelMed Guardian is an implantable, patient alerting system designed to warn patients to seek medical attention for acute coronary syndromes (ACSs).

The implant of the new generation AngelMed Guardian was performed by Kelly Tucker, director, Electrophysiology, Orange County Heart Institute and Research Center at Pavilion Surgery Center in Orange, USA. The patient had previously been a participant in the ALERTS clinical trial.

“The AngelMed Guardian represents a real game changer in the management of coronary artery disease. This is the first ever surveillance tool for patients with a prior coronary event and has the potential to save countless lives and bring peace of mind to thousands of families. It is a great honour to be involved in this amazing technology,” said Tucker.

The AngelMed Guardian system is designed to track significant changes in the heart’s electrical signal and then alert patients to seek medical attention—this includes detection of silent heart attacks. The objective of the ALERTS-Continued Access Study is to provide former ALERTS patients access to this life-changing device.

AngelMed CEO Gordie Nye commented, “We are thankful to the FDA for allowing us to perform this study so that our previous ALERTS patients may get the AngelMed Guardian back. These pioneers still to this day remain pivotal to our success and we as a company are excited for the road ahead as we move closer to commercialisation.”

Pavilion Surgery Center and Orange County Heart Institute and Research Center is the first medical facility to participate in the AngelMed Guardian ALERTS-Continued Access study.


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