Hansen Medical announces exclusive distribution with Adachi


Hansen Medical and Adachi have announced a distribution agreement for Magellan and Sensei Robotic Systems in Japan. As part of the distribution agreement, Adachi is responsible for obtaining Japanese Marketing approval from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency for the Magellan and Sensei Robotic systems.

“We are delighted to enter into this comprehensive distribution partnership with Adachi,” says Cary Vance, Hansen Medical president and chief executive officer. “Adachi has proven to be exceptionally adept at selling robotic systems in Japan and it has a long history of success with cutting-edge technology.”

Hansen Medical’s Intravascular Robotic technologies are designed to deliver accurate robotic catheter control and stability during a wide variety of endovascular and electrophysiology procedures. Both the Magellan and Sensei Robotic systems provide for accurate navigation capabilities while allowing the physician to be seated comfortably away from the radiation in a centralised, remote workstation.

“Japanese physicians and hospitals have embraced robotic technologies to improve patient care and healthcare economics,” says Saburo Adachi, president and chief executive officer of Adachi. “Endovascular and electrophysiology procedures are rapidly increasing in Japan. The Magellan and Sensei Robotics systems represent a great opportunity to help a large and growing Japanese patient population receive the benefits of intravascular robotic therapies and we are excited to lead this effort in Japan.”