Hansen Medical signs agreement to integrate its Sensei X CoHesion 3-D visualisation module with the St Jude Medical’s EnSite Velocity Cardiac Mapping System


Hansen Medical, a specialist in flexible robotics and the developer of robotic technology for accurate 3-D control of catheter movement, has announced that it has signed an agreement with a division of medical device company St Jude Medical to commercialise new products based on both companies’ complementary technologies for treating patients suffering from heart rhythm disorders.

The agreement will integrate the EnSite Velocity Cardiac Mapping System from St Jude Medical with the Sensei X CoHesion 3-D visualisation module from Hansen Medical, to provide physicians the ability to visualise, locate and robotically control catheters within the heart to diagnose heart rhythm disorders. Both companies plan to market and sell the integrated electrophysiology (EP) solution in the US and the EU.

The Sensei X system is Hansen Medical’s next generation flexible robotic platform that uses robotic catheter technology to provide stable and predictable control of catheter movement during interventional procedures.

The EnSite Velocity System from St Jude Medical is an advanced cardiac mapping system that creates a 3-D model of a patient’s heart so that physicians can visualise a patient’s unique cardiac electric and anatomic details, quickly locate the source of an arrhythmia and formulate a treatment strategy.

The Cohesion module sends data regarding the location of EP catheters from the EnSite Velocity System to the Sensei system, allowing the catheters to be displayed on the Sensei viewing screen. This makes the Sensei X more user friendly, improving user experience of the product. Integrating the sophisticated 3-D technologies from Hansen Medical and St Jude Medical also enhances the physician’s ability to both visualise and position catheters in difficult-to-reach anatomical locations and maintain stability throughout interventional procedures.

Cardiac catheterisation labs have long been considered high-radiation dose areas due to the extended use of fluoroscopy required for procedures. Fluoroscopy is a continuous X-ray, which provides information about bone anatomy, and not soft tissue or the electrical conduction system of the heart. Combining technology from Hansen Medical and St. Jude Medical helps make EP procedures more instinctive in a true 3-D navigation and mapping environment and data from clinical studies show that use of the Sensei platform in procedures for AF and other abnormal heart rhythms reduced patients’ exposure to harmful cancer causing radiation by 63%, as well as lowering fluoroscopy time by 44%.

“We are delighted to be partnering with St Jude Medical on such an important integrated solution for the electrophysiologist that benefits both physicians and patients,” said Bruce J Barclay, Hansen Medical president and CEO.