Harvard Clinical Research Institute named as a data analytic centre for PINNACLE Registry of atrial fibrillation


The Harvard Clinical Research Institute (HCRI) has been selected by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) to be the Data Analytic Center for the atrial fibrillation platform of the ACC PINNACLE Registry.

The PINNACLE Registry is cardiology’s largest outpatient quality improvement registry. It collects data about patients in participating cardiology practices to help providers evaluate and improve their adherence to current guidelines, and it provides a wealth of data for research.

HCRI will serve as a data analytic centre for proposals submitted to the ACC’s National Cardiovascular Data Registry for research based on data from PINNACLE-AF, the atrial fibrillation platform for PINNACLE. Working in close collaboration with investigators and the ACC, HCRI will conduct data analysis for research projects approved by the ACC.

“Our collaboration with the ACC serves to further our commitment to expanding the scientific analysis and output from important clinical trial data and registries,” added Spencer Goldsmith, president of HCRI.

Data analytic centres are used to conduct analysis for research based on registry data because the centres have the capacity to accept and accurately analyse large amounts of data from the ACC registries while protecting patient privacy.

“The addition of HCRI as the data analytic centre for PINNACLE-AF represents a milestone in the growth of the PINNACLE Registry,” said ACC executive vice president, Science, Quality & Education William Oetgen. “HCRI has the skills and capacity to be responsive to the growing requests for access to PINNACLE-AF data for important research in this area.”

The PINNACLE Registry includes data from 3,096 providers at 903 locations in 172 patients with data from more than 19 million patient encounters and 4 million patients.