HeartBeam granted European patent for signal transformation from VECG to 12-lead ECG


HeartBeam, a cardiac technology company that has developed a 3D-vector electrocardiogram (ECG) platform for heart attack detection, has announced that a patent that enables generation of a synthesised 12-lead ECG by the HeartBeam AIMIGo credit card-sized device was issued by the European Patent Office.

This patent offers protection for HeartBeam’s flagship technology in multiple countries in Europe and has been validated in France, Germany, Netherlands and the UK. The innovation opens the pathway for a patient to record a set of signals using HeartBeam AIMIGo outside of a medical setting with a diagnostic synthesised 12-lead ECG immediately transmitted to a physician for review and diagnosis, HeartBeam said in a press release.

According to data from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), more than 11 million new cases of cardiovascular disease (CVD) occur in Europe as a whole, every year, with almost 49 million people living with the disease in the EU alone at a cost as of €210 billion a year. CVD remains the leading cause of mortality and a major cause of morbidity in Europe. A 12-lead ECG is the standard of care for detecting any cardiac condition and is considered one of the essential tools for heart attack detection. No single lead ECG product currently in the marketplace is able to help diagnose a heart attack.

“This initial European patent strengthens our intellectual property protection for our HeartBeam AIMIGo technology offering 12-lead ECG capability as we expand our product applications to reach a variety of regions in the global marketplace,” said HeartBeam CEO and Founder, Branislav Vajdic. “We continue to enhance our intellectual property to provide protection of our technology in priority global markets.”

The newly issued patent expands on HeartBeam’s granted and pending core patents for remote heart attack detection. The value of the recently granted 12-lead ECG patch patent is in addressing the market need for multi-week, continuous monitoring, while the AIMIGo solution is always with the patient, long term and providing a means for timely heart attack intervention. This may increase quality of life for cardiac patients by reducing the fear of chest pain and provide added peace of mind.


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