HeartLight endoscopic ablation system can now be used in Spain


CardioFocus has announced that its HeartLight endoscopic ablation system for the treatment of atrial fibrillation is now available in Spain for clinical use. It states that physicians at Hospital Universitari i Politecnic La Fe in Valencia were the first in the country to offer the technology.

Joaquin Osca, a cardiologist who led the first cases in Valencia, Spain said, “We have had an excellent clinical experience with the HeartLight technology and look forward to offering this treatment option to more patients. One of the special features of the HeartLight is the fast learning curve compared to other ablation devices, as well as the laser energy, which is very effortless to use when isolating the pulmonary vein.”

According to a press release, the HeartLight endoscopic ablation system is the first catheter ablation system to incorporate an endoscope for direct visualisation of the pulmonary vein in a beating heart, in real time and without radiation. It also includes a compliant balloon catheter designed for improved contact with the area surrounding the pulmonary veins, irrespective of individual patient anatomy, and a laser energy source designed to deliver more efficient, precise, and durable ablation treatment.