HRS 2019: Rotational TLE can be used “as a first-line tool in any patient for lead management”


Christoph Starck (Berlin, Germany) and Saumya Sharma (Houston, USA) discuss the benefits of using rotational transvenous lead extraction (TLE) tools. Starck and Sharma note that the safety profile of the devices is “compelling” and that they are used by them due to their “high efficacy record”.

The pair also discuss their respective trial data findings on rotational TLE devices. Starck’s multicentre prospective study of more than 2,000 patients indicated “a very good safety profile” of the devices. Sharma talks about his single-centre retrospective data, the first of its kind for rotational TLE, whose findings showed 97% complete success and 99% clinical success.

Starck notes that lead extraction is “not only restricted to the procedure itself” but “needs a whole team and good management of the patients”. Sharma meanwhile says to get outcomes that are excellent you need “specialised centres, dedicated collaborations with surgeons and cardiovascular services”, in essence “a team approach”.

Sharma and Starck also look at why rotational devices are often seen as a tool saved just for the toughest procedures and why they should be more widely used in standard cases.

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