Industry’s first WiFi-based remote cardiac rhythm monitor introduced by ScottCare Corporation


TeleSense RCM, a three-in-one device which incorporates mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT), Holter and cellular even monitoring, has been introduced by The ScottCare Corporation.

TeleSense is designed to give clinicians the ability to transition as needed between the three monitoring modes. The device enables the clinician to access real-time streaming for live patient visibility, auto-detection of arrhythmia events, and wireless transmission of three channels of ECG data. This is designed to allow clinicians to correlate patient symptoms to changes in electrical conduction of the heart, more accurately. According to a press release, TeleSense can transmit up to 30 days of continuous ECG data across multiple cellular networks or utilising a patient’s home or business WiFi network.

Events are received and triaged through ScottCare’s highly-tested and proven receiving platform. TeleSense’s web-accessible reporting software then supports detailed and actionable reporting through daily heart rate trends; event reports; end-of-session reports; interim and summary statistics; and advanced administrative and clinical queries. Optional EHR integration is designed to enable reports to be easily viewed and e-signed by the physician, prior to automated transmission to any HL7-based electronic health record (EHR) system.

TeleSense also addresses the concern of patient compliance. TeleSense is designed to be comfortable to wear, and simple to set up and configure-the device can even be configured remotely. Brightly-lit icons allow the patient to easily identify whether the device has sufficient power, whether leads are properly connected, if the device is recording, and the status of the WiFi or cellular connection. Patients can quickly record and immediately transmit self-identified events via a large, easily accessible button on the front of the device.

“Clinicians can depend on TeleSense to help them care for their cardiac event patients in a highly convenient and effective way.” says Sneh Merchant, ScottCare’s vice president of research and development.

For those clinicians unable to offer patients 24-hour monitoring coverage, ScottCare’s optional dedicated monitoring labour service provides 24/7 active daily surveillance and reporting capabilities, as well as immediate access to raw patient data and completed reports from any internet connected computer.