Mobile ECG technology KardioScreen available for universal use

KardioScreen iMedrix
KardioScreen (iMedrix)

iMedrix, a Silicon Valley and Bangalore-based mHealth start up company, has announced the general availability of its product KardioScreen, a CE certified mobile and portable hospital-grade digital electrocardiogram (ECG). The system uses connected technology, bringing a “deep internet-of-things (IoT) architecture to clinical use”, the company states.

KardioScreen is the first truly mobile, connected ECG solution that can be applied universally, the company state, including applications in field screening and ambulances, as well as in point of care, cardiac intensive care unit (ICU) or at-home monitoring environments. The patent-pending system comprises of a hospital-grade mobile ECG device and mobility software suite of artificial intelligence (AI) assisted solutions for doctors, ambulances and hospitals. The product can be used in both snapshot short-term ECG (of 30 seconds) and extended observation or monitoring modes in 6 or 12 lead configurations.

KardioScreen is currently being used at a number of leading hospitals in Asia in a variety of use cases. An ECG taken from the device can be analysed by a live or remote physician and AI engines in seconds. Further, the simple, deskilled use model and rapid ECG recording features have been a major factor in the adoption of this solution for population screening.

Multiple layers of algorithmic and analytics solutions are added to KardioScreen to help physicians with actionable insights. This also enables a truly mobile, digital health architecture where third party devices and applications can fit in, acting as a base for software including medical device applications.

“We are pleased to introduce the world’s first end-to-end connected solution that brings mobility to cardiac care,” said Srikanth Jadcherla, CEO of iMedrix, “KardioScreen brings a deep internet-of-things (IoT) architecture to clinical use.”

“Cardiac diseases are at epidemic levels and burgeoning with every year. Early detection and prevention is the need of the hour. In this context, mobile medical solutions such as iMedrix’s KardioScreen could help patients get screened or monitored anywhere, in an affordable manner. Hundreds of millions of people will benefit from such mobile cardiac screenings, saving many lives by timely intervention. In the process, we are bound to learn a lot and gain new insights”, says Nagraj Desai, head of the department of Cardiology at JSS Medical College and University, Mysore, India.

KardioScreen is offered on subscription basis in Asia. With the obtainment of CE certification, iMedrix is now looking to enter markets in Europe.


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