MultiSENSE trial enrolment gets underway


Patients are being asked to participate in a trial designed to evaluate multiple physiologic sensors in the Cognis cardiac resynchronisation therapy defibrillators (CRT-Ds).

The first patient was enrolled by Paul Coffeen, Austin Heart, Austin, Texas, USA, where Jeffrey Whitehill is the site’s principal investigator for the trial, run by Boston Scientific.

“The MultiSENSE trial marks a significant step toward addressing the unmet needs of heart failure patients,” said Kenneth Stein, chief medical officer for the company’s Cardiology, Rhythm and Vascular Group. “Boston Scientific’s unique multi-sensor approach is designed to allow our CRT-Ds to assess the same symptoms and data a doctor evaluates when seeing a heart failure patient in the office.”

When combined with the company’s Latitude Patient Management System, CRT-D sensors would be able to monitor a patient outside of a clinical setting and permit the Latitude system to deliver early notification to the physician when the patient’s heart failure worsens.

“Heart failure is a complex disease and physicians use a number of diagnostics to assess a patient’s condition and disease progression,” said John Boehmer, another principal investigator of the MultiSENSE trial. “A multi-sensor design in an implantable device, with the predictive power of multiple data points, would enable physicians to take clinical action sooner to avoid hospitalisation due to heart failure