nContact receives US patents for epicardial ablation technology for cardiac arrhythmias


The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently issued four patents for Contact covering essential components of the multidisciplinary epicardial-endocardial approach pioneered by the company for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

The issued US Patents (US Patents 8,241,273; 8,211,011; 8,235,990; and 8,267,951) specifically cover multidisciplinary approaches in which epicardial and endocardial cardiac ablation synergistically complete linear lesions, as well as devices and methods that enable creating consistent linear lesions under direct visualisation without any chest incisions. The patented methodology and devices expand nContact’s intellectual property portfolio and augment its ownership of vacuum integrated epicardial ablation devices.

“These patents further demonstrate our focus on creating novel procedures and products that enable combining the best practices of endoscopic surgeons and electrophysiologists to provide new arrhythmia treatment options that benefit patients,” said co-inventor Sidney Fleischman.