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Quick View report: new addition to Biotronik Home Monitoring

Quick View report: new addition to Biotronik Home Monitoring

Biotronik has introduced a new online Quick View report to manage patients when using Biotronik Home Monitoring for cardiac devices.

The Quick View report is designed to improve the speed at which clinicians can find and review patient device data by providing a very intuitive, user-friendly presentation of the information. It is readily accessible via the user’s secure website and provides clinicians with a quick but comprehensive review of the most relevant and the most recent patient and device status information.

“The comprehensive, intuitive new charts and rolling six-month trend graphs provided by the Quick View report allow me to more quickly and effectively check each patient’s condition online”, explained Carsten Stoepel from the Lukas Hospital in Neuss, Germany. “Combined with the unique automatic daily transmissions offered by Biotronik Home Monitoring, I can easily and efficiently conduct remote follow-ups at any time, from anywhere which is especially important following a critical event.”

Biotronik Home Monitoring consists of an antenna that is integrated into a cardiac device such as a pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), which then continuously and automatically transmits clinical and device status data using the global cellular phone network, enabling physicians to remotely monitor each patient by accessing a secure, password-protected website from any location.

The easy-to-navigate Quick View report is immediately available with all premium Biotronik cardiac devices, namely the Evia pacemakers and the entire Lumax family of ICDs and cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT) devices equipped with Biotronik Home Monitoring.