Scripps Clinic first to implant miniture cardiac monitor


Scripps Green Hospital has become the first hospital in the United States to implant the world’s smallest implantable cardiac monitoring device. According to a press release, Scripps Clinic cardiologist John Rogers successfully completed the first implant of the Reveal Linq insertable cardiac monitor in 71-year-old San Diego resident Chuck Beal on Saturday.

Beal has a lengthy history of heart palpitations, and is at an elevated risk for stroke following a previous heart valve replacement, making him a prime candidate for the Linq insertable cardiac monitor, the press release reports.

“Mr. Beal was given a local anaesthetic and the device was inserted under the skin of the chest wall. The entire process took about 10 minutes and he was able to go home immediately after,” says Rogers. “The monitor is so discreet that it is unlikely that he will even know it is there and he can go about his life without interruption or discomfort from the device.”

“I thought it was pretty exciting to be the first person to have the device implanted in me,” says Beal. “I feel much better knowing that my heart rhythm is being monitored at all times and that ultimately I may be able to reduce some of the medications that I am currently taking.”