Simbionix releases innovative module for practicing transseptal puncturing


Simbionix announces the release of its new Transseptal Puncture Module for the Angio Mentor simulator.

The new module offers a complete training curriculum for electrophysiologists on the Angio Mentor, allowing physicians a safe environment in which to train until proficient in the essential tasks they are required to perform.

The Angio Mentor is a multidisplinary stimulator that provides hands-on practice, in an extensive and complete simulated environment of interventional endovascular procedures. Interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologist and vascular surgeons can use it to perform complete procedures, as well as acquiring basic skills.

“Addressing our clients’ needs we developed a highly realistic module, providing a cost effective and efficient training solution for one of the most crucial skills required of electrophysiologists”, said Inbal Mazor, Simbionix VP of Marketing. “While the left atrium is the most difficult cardiac chamber to access percutaneously, it is an essential skill to master and plays an important role in the cardiac electrophysiologist’s daily practice”.

These tasks include advancing the EP catheter into the coronary sinus and the Josephson catheter in the HIS area, and performing two transseptal punctures, when needed. Practical aspects of this technique include identifying the optimal transseptal puncture site and using correct and safe puncturing technique. During the simulation, life threatening complications such as aortic puncture, one of the common complications associated with these procedures, need to be attended to.