Sorin Group announces first Paradym RF implant with Smartview remote monitoring in Canada


Sorin Group has announced the first implant of Paradym RF in Canada at the Montreal Heart Institute. The Paradym RF family of implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) and cardiac resynchronisation therapy (CRT-D) devices is fully supported by the recently launched Smartview remote monitoring system.

The Smartview remote monitoring system enables the patient’s implantable device to communicate stored data wirelessly to the clinic where clinicians can review the information via a secure web application. With the Smartview system, clinicians are automatically notified about critical and significant changes in the patient’s heart condition and device status which may require closer management and remedial action.

“The ability of the device to transmit information remotely is of great importance to our team,” said Bernard Thibault, electrophysiologist, Montreal Heart Institute,who performed the first Paradym RF implant in Canada. “Equally important is the quality of that information. To get the diagnostics in a concise and consistent manner makes reviewing the data easier. Routine remote monitoring may reduce clinical patient load as well as reducing the need for patients to travel. I like that the patient remote monitor is a simple one-button interface as it will increase patient acceptance and reduce possible misuse of the device.”

The Smartview system has been designed with patient needs in mind, from the initial installation to longer-term follow-up. Device checks can be programmed according to a schedule to meet the specific needs of the patient, including times adaptable to night work shifts and vacation schedules. The Smartview system also provides the capability for patient initiated transmission. At the same time, patients can be assured that the Smartview system is governed by a multi-tier security system that is compliant with Canadian and European directives for data privacy ensuring that patient data are safeguarded.