Sorin Group announces the acquisition of Alcard


Sorin Group has announced the acquisition of Alcard Industria Mecanica Ltda (Alcard), a Brazilian leading manufacturer of medical devices for cardiac surgery.

Alcard holds a leading position in the Brazilian heart-lung machine market. In addition, the company assembles and markets disposable perfusion tubing sets. All cardiac surgery products manufactured by Alcard are approved by ANVISA, the Brazilian national health surveillance agency.

According to a company release, this acquisition is strategic for Sorin Group since it represents a gateway to the fast growing and attractive Brazilian and South American markets.

“The acquisition of Alcard is an important step forward to establish local manufacturing in BRIC countries,” said Michel Darnaud, president, Cardiac Surgery Business Unit and Intercontinental, Sorin Group. “Alcard, whose quality and reliability of products is recognised by its customers, is the perfect fit for Sorin. This move is fully consistent with Sorin’s strategic plan to accelerate top-line growth through geographic expansion.”

“After founding and developing this company for many years, I strongly believe that Sorin Group’s global organisation and unmatched technological competencies now represent the best possible environment for Alcard to further strengthen its leadership position,” said Roberto Engbruch, founder and CEO of Alcard.