Spectranetics debuts next-generation mechanical extraction devices at Heart Rhythm 2014


At the Heart Rhythm Society’s 35th Annual Scientific Sessions, the Spectranetics Corporation will focus on management of cardiac device infections and debut of the company’s first mechanical lead extraction devices.

According to Donna Ford-Serbu, senior vice president, Lead Management Sales and Marketing at Spectranetics, with the worldwide increase in implanted cardiac devices and associated leads, infection is a growing concern.

“More than six in ten patients with device infections may be undertreated or not treated at all,” says Ford-Serbu. “Studies show patients are twice as likely to die with a device infection compared to patients without infections. Spectranetics is working to reverse the trend through physician education and awareness as well as technological advancements such as our new mechanical extraction tools to help make cardiac lead extraction safe and predictable.”

The new TightRail rotating mechanical dilator sheath and SightRail manual mechanical dilator sheath set represent Spectranetics’ entry into the mechanical extraction device market, complementing the laser-based technology that established the company’s leadership position in lead extraction.

TightRail combines unprecedented shaft flexibility and an advanced forward-facing dilating blade that remains shielded until activated by the physician. The SightRail manual dilator sheath features visual indicators that show bevel orientation and tip alignment, supplementing fluoroscopy as a means to determine position and orientation.

Heart Rhythm 2014 is the most comprehensive educational programme for heart rhythm professionals, featuring more than 250 educational sessions and more than 130 exhibitors showcasing innovative products and services. Attendees will be able to experience Spectranetics’ full portfolio of lead extraction options in Booth 2202.

Conference highlights include:

Lead and Device Management Summit, May 7

Patients are receiving implants earlier and living longer, creating lifelong management implications for leads and devices. This four-part summit, sponsored by Spectranetics, focuses on CIED performance and management, lead extraction, and current trends and topics in CIED treatment.

Lead Extraction Solutions Experience, May 7 – 9

Hands-on physician experience of the full Spectranetics portfolio, including laser extraction on bovine tissue models and the new TightRail mechanical device.

CIED Interactive Infection Information Station, May 7 – 9

A 12-iPad display allows physicians to explore Spectranetics’ physician education and awareness website designed to advance understanding about the prevalence, symptoms and treatment options for CIED infections.

Laser Lead Simulator Training, May 7 – 9

Foundational and advanced physician training will be provided on the world’s only computerised extraction simulator, developed in partnership with Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC) in conjunction with MSC’s SimSuite simulation technology platform.

Next-generation Solutions: Mechanical Lead Extraction presented by Charles Love, New York University Hospital, Langone Medical Center, May 8, Booth 2202

Love is recognised as a pioneer in heart rhythm and is one of the top lead extraction experts in the world, having implanted over 7,000 devices and removed more than 3,000 leads. During this session, he will speak to new devices available to complete the extractor’s solution options.

Catch the Bug: Issues and Solutions for CIED Infection, May 8

An expert panel presents a thought-provoking session on the increasing prevalence of CIED infections: how they originate, why they are difficult to diagnose, and why the most common approaches to care are often ineffective.

Expert physician panel includes:

Roger G Carrillo
Chief of Surgical Electrophysiology, University of Miami Hospital, Miami, Florida, USA.
“Why is infection a problem, and why are the most common solutions ineffective?”

Charles Kennergren
Associate Professor, Senior Consultant, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden
“Identifying Appropriate Treatment Options”

Jude Clancy
Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiology) and director, Lead Management Programme, Yale Medical Group, New Haven, USA.
“Strategies for better identification of cardiac device infection in your facility”

Riata: Lead Management Decisions presented by Jonathan P Piccini, Sr, Duke University, May 9

Remove or abandon? Piccini shares learnings from recent Riata studies and discusses implications for lead management professionals.