St. Jude Medical adds mobile notifications to its remote patient monitoring system for implantable cardiac devices


St. Jude Medical announced the launch of its Patient Care Network (PCN) version 5.0. This update features enhancements to the Internet-based repository of patient and implantable device data that provide physicians easier access to important alerts and improve efficiency of data transmission to electronic health records (EHR).

The new PCN update features Mobile DirectAlerts notification, which is a secure physician notification system for important patient and device alerts. A physician-designated alert is sent automatically to a physician’s mobile device when a patient has an alert-triggering event. Once a physician receives the alert, he or she can quickly link directly to the patient’s alert transmission, creating faster and more convenient access to pertinent patient reports when physicians are out of the office.

It is no longer necessary to login to a computer to find and access patient records following an alert, thus allowing for a quicker reaction time to potential clinical issues. The Mobile DirectAlerts notifications are compatible with multiple mobile devices, including the iPhone, Android, iPad and Blackberry.

“The new mobile alert function allows me to directly access relevant information for patients needing attention no matter where I am. It provides fast and convenient access to important information such as the alert trigger, electrocardiograms and the patient’s contact information,” said Sandeep Gupta, Middletown Cardiovascular Associates, Middletown, Ohio, USA.

The new software update also adds the Auto EHRDirect Export feature, an automated connection from the Merlin@home transmitter directly to the clinic or hospital’s EHR system. The EHRDirect Export capability uses the IDCO profile (Implantable device cardiac observation), an industry standard for the transfer of information from an interrogated implantable cardiac device to information management systems. Adhering to this standard allows St. Jude Medical to seamlessly integrate with several leading EHR providers. The Auto EHRDirect Export feature includes automated downloads, integrating data directly into the practice workflow and making the patient management process more efficient.

The PCN version 5.0 software features additional usability improvements that save time and make the system easier to learn. The One Screen Follow-up capability supports faster and more in-depth review of recent transmissions, creating a more streamlined workflow. This upgrade also accelerates follow-ups by enabling physicians to review and print patient information, view follow-up reports and schedule appointments all from one page.